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"We have no words to describe how wonderful it was to be at your prophetic gathering.  There was no way either of us could take notes fast enough to capture the wealth of revelation you brought."
Michael & Candace Sommerfeld

“The last two gatherings I attended were amazing and I am certain that greater things are yet to come!   I especially enjoyed the freedom and Spirit of worship there, the wisdom and revelation of the word and, of course, the prophetic messages and intercessory prayer!  For those considering the event, please do yourself a favor and go if you are able! It is a very powerful event and the presence of the Lord is extremely evident there.”      Jason Hawkins

Prophets & Prophetic Ministry
An Intense & Life-Changing Prophetic Discipleship Experience

Participants Comments:

"My life changed in 2006 after a prophecy from Rob Winters.  It was dramatic - from darkness to light!"
Donna Oder

"Your prophecy ministered to us greatly and gave us hope and confirmation where we are going.  Thank you."
Pastors Saeed & Cynthia Hosseini, Prayer Pastors, Phoenix First Assembly

"I am floored to have learned from you things that have illuminated my understanding of what I have said, heard and seen and experienced during my life with Jesus Christ.  Thank you!  The prophetic word I received on tape from both of you was like a light turned on, crooked paths being made straight, a direct instruction from the Lord, a puzzle put together that I had struggled over and left undone.  The prophecy seemed to go past my emotions and connected to a deeper part, my spirit man.  I have great hope of the Holy Spirit's guidance and power in my life for all the rest of my life."
Jane Taylor

"My prophetic word was one of the best I've ever heard and received."
Carl Wilkerson

"I really enjoyed the teaching!  The Winters are an anointed and powerful couple."
Alicia Tucker

"I cannot thank you enough.  It's exactly what I needed."
Diona Williams

"I received a very inspirational prophetic word.  I thank the prophet for unveiling those revelations to me.  I would like to attend another prophetic training taught by the Winters."
LaQuinta Pugh

"Every word that Rob Winters has prophesied to me over the years has come to pass."
Sharon Simmons


Hope for a Nation in Crisis
Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition - Released April 2020



Ministry Products by Rob & Kay Winters

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    This comprehensive discipleship training manual is used as a resource during our Prophets & Prophetic Ministry Discipleship Training courses that have been conducted internationally.  Sections include: Prophetic Training Methodology, The Prophetic Movement, Prophets in Training, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Forms of Prophetic Ministry, Prophetic Protocol, Personal Prophetic Ministry, Prophetic Demonstration and Impartation, The Spirit of the Prophet, The Role of the Prophet, The Mission of the Prophet, Prophetic Pitfalls, False Prophets and Psychics, and Prophetic Activation

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    For the past 2000 years, the mandate of the church given to us by the Lord Jesus has been to disciple the nations.  However, approximately 6000 years ago, the Lord entrusted Adam with a more overarching mission - to have dominion in the earth.  The Lord has never retracted the commission He originally gave mankind through Adam.  As a result, we, the Body of Christ, are now awaking to our kingdom mission and realizing that its fulfillment is dependent on us not only raising up disciples, but also equipping and empowering leaders.  Indeed, the righteous revolutionaries catalyzed by the church today are destined to become the reformers and rulers of culture tomorrow.  Our mandate to make disciples of all nations and have dominion in the earth will only be fulfilled when the church is willing to disciple not only priests, but also kings.  Only then will the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord as we as priests and kings rule with Him.

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    This expanded 20th anniversary edition of the THE VALLEY OF THE SON - Fulfilling Christ's Redemptive Purpose for Greater Phoenix in the 20th Century not only reveals the Lord's redemptive purposes for Phoenix, Arizona, but also provides prophetic directives to realize them.  Indeed, Phoenix, Arizona is destined to become a city of refuge to a nation in crisis. Multitudes will continue to migrate to Arizona to find refuge, hope, restoration and healing under a cloud of rising glory.

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    The 3rd Revised and Expanded Edition (Released April 2020), contains updates regarding the darkness covering the earth and the glory of God rising upon the remnant church that will lead the 3rd Great Awakening.  For decades a battle between light and darkness has been raging over America.  Although our foundation of righteous and justice has gradually eroded to the point of collapse, and our nation is under divine judgment, a righteous remnant will arise to prepare the way of the Lord. Instead of being our final hour, it could be America's finest hour.

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    The foundations of our "one nation under God" are being destroyed, leaving a righteous remnant with only a fading memory of America's greatness.  For decades a clarion call to repentance from the throne room of God has been silenced in our nation. However, in this critical hour, the Lord is raising up a standard and banner of righteousness by issuing a call to repentance to the Church in America.  Will you heed this call and join a growing remnant of vigilant disciples in turning the heart of America back to God?  Together, let's answer America's last call to repentance, and participate in the fulfillment of the divine destiny of not only a nation, but also the world.
    Making Straight in the Desert a Highway for Our God

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