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Ministry Products by Rob & Kay Winters

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    The 3rd Revised and Expanded Edition (Released April 2020), contains updates regarding the darkness covering the earth and the glory of God rising upon the remnant church that will lead the 3rd Great Awakening.  For decades a battle between light and darkness has been raging over America.  Although our foundation of righteous and justice has gradually eroded to the point of collapse, and our nation is under divine judgment, a righteous remnant will arise to prepare the way of the Lord. Instead of being our final hour, it could be America's finest hour.

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    "Reviving the Holy City ~ Christ's Challenge Concerning the Church in Charleston", not only uncovers the divine redemptive purpose of Charleston, but also the demonic strongholds that have hindered its progressive fulfillment.  Prophetic insight is offered on how to overcome these diabolical influences along with introducing key concepts towards reviving the Greater Charleston area and truly transforming it into its namesake - "The Holy City"
    Making Straight in the Desert a Highway for Our God

    Prepare the Way International Church
    18777 N. 32nd Street
    Phoenix, AZ  85050

    Phone: (602) 953-4692


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